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Lasersoft can be there to set you up with a new system, update an old one, install software, programs and equipment, maintain your systems AND train you and your staff.

That’s service you don’t find everywhere.

We offer a monthly service agreement that guarantees a minimum number of hours of available time and regular checks and maintenance on programs, supplies and equipment. We can point out issues we see on the horizon, and we’ll arrange a response plan based on the priorities you set. Each agreement is tailored to a business’s needs.

It is like having a full service IT department in your small- or mid-sized business . . . at a fraction of the cost.

“Lasersoft often can check all of your systems – and repair them if needed – remotely. We install a system of alerts that give us an edge. Let’s discuss it.”
Janice Arnold, Co-owner

“James at Lasersoft has helped with all our computer, printer, web based inventory program, database contact management system, smart phone troubleshooting....basically he is my IT department.  His calm, extremely patient style combined with his wealth of information and entrepreneurial spirit makes him easy to work with.  As a start-up business, I am grateful to have him on my team!”
Dana Van Gilder, Owner, SOS Property Transition Services